A Bit of Confusion

Posted by David Barron January - 12 - 2010 - Tuesday

Over at http://www.reclaimingthemind.org/blog/ there is a poll up for a debate challenge with Robert Bowman.  Essentially, it is asking non-Trinitarians whom they’d like to see Bowman debate.  Well, funny enough, there is a unitarian  Seventh Day Adventist who shares my name (actually, there are a lot of people with whom I share this name) and has his own website.  Well the confusion seems to be with just who debated Mike Felker from http://www.apologeticfront.com, for in the poll it identifies him as that one.  In reality it was I and the debate can be read at http://www.scripturaltruths.com/articles/ology/debates/jesusgod.   Hopefully the poll administrators over at Reclaiming the Mind will be able to get this corrected shortly.

Update:  It appears the poll has been corrected.

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