Torah Study, Pirkei Avot 6

Posted by Vlad December - 12 - 2009 - Saturday

Torah is greater than the priesthood or sovereignty, for sovereignty is
acquired with thirty virtues, the priesthood with twenty-four, and
Torah is acquired with forty-eight qualities. These are: study,
listening, verbalizing, comprehension of the heart, awe, fear,
humility, joy, purity, serving the sages, companionship with one’s
contemporaries, debating with one’s students, tranquility, study of the
scriptures, study of the Mishnah, minimizing engagement in business,
minimizing socialization, minimizing pleasure, minimizing sleep,
minimizing talk, minimizing gaiety, slowness to anger, good
heartedness, faith in the sages, acceptance of suffering, knowing one’s
place, satisfaction with one’s lot, qualifying one’s words, not taking
credit for oneself, likableness, love of G-d, love of humanity, love of
charity, love of justice, love of rebuke, fleeing from honor, lack of
arrogance in learning, reluctance to hand down rulings, participating
in the burden of one’s fellow, judging him to the side of merit,
correcting him, bringing him to a peaceful resolution [of his
disputes], deliberation in study, asking and answering, listening and
illuminating, learning in order to teach, learning in order to observe,
wising one’s teacher, exactness in conveying a teaching, and saying
something in the name of its speaker.

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