Patrick Navas/James White Debate on the Trinity

Posted by David Barron November - 28 - 2011 - Monday

Patrick Navas and James White recently completed a debate on the Trinity. It can be found in two parts at Theopologetics.

Part 1
Part 2

Additionally, I’ve made some comments on the debate in a video. I’m informed James White will be responding to these Tuesday on his show at If his comments warrant response I’ll be certain to do as much.

Update: It was suggested that I might call into White’s show on Tuesday. An email offer for my participation has been extended to him.

Update 2: Dr. White has declined my offer. The reason he cited was a desire to not provide “free advertising,” which is rather ironic if he will be responding to my video, for he’ll be doing just that only without somebody immediately available to challenge his assertions if/when they are false.

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