Coming Analysis of “The Great Trinity Debate”

Posted by David Barron April - 12 - 2010 - Monday

Robert Bowman will be debating David Burke (from my understanding, a Christadelphian) on the subject of the Trinity at the Reclaiming the Mind blog.  Bowman has already posted an introduction, with him naturally taking the Trinitarian position.  Burke, as a Christidelphian, will take up the “Biblical Unitarian” (I’d originally said Socinian, but Dave Burke sent in an email correcting me) view of Christ, thus denying his preexistence.

As each side of the debate is presented I will provide my own commentary, available here, addressing necessary points in response to both (hopefully keeping up with their schedule, but no promises in this regard).  With respect to Bowman, it will be a response to his Trinitarian proof-texting, while with Burke it will be addressing his denial of Jesus’ preexistence.

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