Robert Bowman and I on The Janet Mefferd Show

Posted by David Barron February - 3 - 2010 - Wednesday

Most unexpectedly I found myself driving yesterday at a time I would normally be in the office.  Having my radio tuned into talk radio, to my surprise Robert Bowman was on The Janet Mefferd Show, discussing the deity of Christ as a person of the Triune God.   Hardly able to pass up the opportunity to call in I found myself the final caller.   I’ve posted the clip from our exchange and included my own comments following the clip.  As the format was strictly one of question and answer I did not get to follow up on the show.

Listen Here

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  1. Jaco says:

    Hello, David

    I responded to your article “Responding to Error, but Going too Far.” I thought that you missed it perhaps. I’m awaiting you response.

    On your “About Us” page, you state,

    “ScripturalTruths aims to look past the accrued creed and dogma of traditional biblical interpretation, provide a different perspective by genuinely striving to let the Bible speak more clearly.”

    Obviously, “traditional biblical interpretation” is a very relative concept. 1600 years ago the “traditional biblical interpretation” was a novel idea, but still in error. Likewise, what is traditional to a Mormon is not the same as traditional to a Roman Catholic.

    David, seeing that you cleared up the misunderstanding regarding another David Barron who is actually a Seventh-Day Adventist, what is you official religious affiliation? Could you please give an outright answer? I trust that you won’t be hopping around on a hot plate, so to speak, as many trinitarian apologists do when a potentially incriminating question is asked.

    Appreciate your efforts for the areas of truth you do defend. Clearing up the above issues will also be much appreciated.



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