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Posted by David Barron September - 8 - 2011 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

If anyone has a copy they’re no longer using, I’m in need of Form of God, Form of a Servant: An examination of the Greek noun morphe in Philippians 2:6-7 by Daniel J. Fabricatore. Though I’ve been able to review it extensively, I do not have a copy and something I just became aware of (which, if it happens, I’ll comment on soon) may require the use of specific material therein. If you can part with a copy please reach me at dave at


Posted by David Barron July - 4 - 2010 - Sunday ADD COMMENTS

While things have been relatively quite, this is far from saying that nothing is ongoing.  Quite the opposite, I’ve been extensively involved in research for what will be a greatly expanded Second Edition to God and Christ: Examining the Evidence for a Biblical Doctrine.  If all goes as planned, this edition will significantly dwarf the existing volume (For those interested, I’m currently making a careful study of the Dead Sea Scrolls with special emphasis on parallels to the New Testament, especially in the realm of agency and the christological implications, while also reviewing Larry Hurtado’s Lord Jesus Christ).   With the amount of research required I anticipate a few years before even before even beginning to write, so in the interim there will be an update to the first edition, providing minor corrections as well as limited expansion.  Even this will be some time forthcoming.

I hope to have more time for updating this blog, as there are many important topics worthy of discussion.   As circumstances allow this will be done.  Further, for those interested in supporting this website, specifically in the area of research material, I have posted an Amazon Wish-list containing various works required for further researching the Second Edition.   If you have the means to support this work it would be greatly appreciated.