John 1:18 and Monogenes Theos

Posted by David Barron November - 1 - 2011 - Tuesday ADD COMMENTS

Grassroots Apologetics has challenged Patrick Navas on the translation and meaning of monogenes theos in John 1:18.. Patrick is currently working on a response that will include (tentatively) some of my own unpublished research, which should prove to be a worthwhile read.

At the core of Grassroots’ argument is the claim that Daniel Wallace has “proven” Patrick wrong. This is a most ill-informed statement to make, and seems to come from a failure to carefully examine the evidence. On this, Greg Stafford has taken Dr. Wallace to task on some rather poor argumentation.

Stafford on Sharp’s Rule

Posted by David Barron July - 28 - 2010 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

While posing no specific theological issue, contra Trinitarians who appeal to it for such purposes, Sharp’s Rule makes for an interesting study.   Greg Stafford has some new and interesting research on the subject that is worth consideration,  “Another Exception to Sharp’s Canon and Its Kin,”.