Response to James White

Posted by David Barron December - 1 - 2011 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

I have responded to James White on the Trinity and his debate with Patrick Navas. The observer can well the judge the merits of each argument.

James White Responds

Posted by David Barron November - 30 - 2011 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

James White decided to take two hours responding to my video commenting on his debate with Patrick Navas on the Trinity. White repeatedly miss characterized my views and ignored my actual argument, so I will be responding soon. My notes are complete, I need only get before a camera, so you can anticipate an extensive response very soon…but I won’t take up two hours, I promise that.

Archaeological Support for the Bible

Posted by David Barron July - 6 - 2010 - Tuesday ADD COMMENTS

The Pen and Parchment blog at Reclaiming The Mind has started an interesting 10-part series on archeology and the Bible. This is worth the time to review for those seeking archaeological support for the Bible. Naturally, we should not expect archeology to today confirm everything in the Bible, for even 200 years ago many denied biblical accounts for a lack of archaeological evidence that has since been discovered.  As time progress new evidence continues to support the Bible and we should expect this to continue.